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Who is OxyBand™?

OxyBand Technologies, Inc. is the first company to package pure oxygen into a discrete traditional wound dressing, using a directionally permeable gas emitting reservoir. OxyBand's patented technology delivers the therapeutic value of oxygen to accelerate wound healing and fight infection.

What is OxyBand™?

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ was invented and developed by OxyBand Technologies Inc and is one of many medical device in the company's biomedical applications and devices that focus on the therapeutic value of gases such as oxygen and nitric oxide for healing wounds and other tissue

What is OxyBand Wound Dressing™

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is cleared by FDA 510(k), K043063 is the only wound dressing that provides pure oxygen to wounds for up to 5 days directly from the dressing and that has been shown in clinical trials to be safe and effective for accelerating healing, reducing pain, without any infection.

How does OxyBand Wound Dressing™ Work?

OxyBand Wound Dressing™, Food and Drug Administration FDA 510(k), K043063, provides oxygen to wounds for up to 5 days. The oxygen is pre packaged and in a proprietary method, diffused into the patented reservoir system inside of the OxyBand Wound Dressing™.  The pre-filled multi-layer, OxyBand Wound Dressing™, comes pre-filled with high levels of oxygen between the layers. OxyBand Wound Dressing™ incorporates a barrier layer that holds the oxygen, in the vicinity, of the wound, and a permeable or porous layer that allows oxygen to diffuse into the wound. The dressing acts like an oxygen reservoir, allowing the wound to utilize as much oxygen as needed, and continues to supply oxygen on demand to the wound as the wound consumes oxygen from the wound fluid. CLICK HERE to read more about the evidence.

OxyBand™ technology is illustrated by the following:


OxyBand™ provides oxygen to wounds for up to 5 days.

Waterproof top layer provides a barrier to outside contaminants.

Perforated hydrocolloid wound contact layer wicks exudate away from the wound into absorbent layer of dressing while the permeable layer continues to diffuse oxygen to the wound.  Oxygen has been shown to be beneficial for wound healing.  OxyBand Wound Dressing™ has been shown in 3 clinical trials to significantly accelerate healing, reduce infection without any infections.


OxyBand™ wound dressing is FDA-cleared (FDA #K043063) and has been shown in clinical trials to accelerate wound healing, reduce pain and inflammation.   As stated above, a key feature of OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is that it supplies oxygen continuously to a wound for up to 5 days within a simple occlusive wound dressing.  Since OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is easy to apply, comfortable and does not require an attached tank or generator, the oxygen is diffused into the wound directly from the dressing. It provides a tool that is clinically and field consistent.

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is the only FDA-approved wound dressing proven to continuously deliver pure oxygen to damaged tissue for up to 5 days.
OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is a patented medical technology with a directionally permeable gas-emitting reservoir inside of the dressing. The dressings are comfortable for patients and remove gently from skin.

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ has multiple layers which are prefilled with high levels of pure oxygen between the layers.  The top layer is a barrier film that holds the oxygen over the wound.  The contact layer includes a permeable film which allows the oxygen to diffuse into the wound.  OxyBand™ wound dressing is a self-contained dressing which is applied to a wound like a typical wound dressing.
The OxyBand patented reservoir system uniquely allows OxyBand™ wound dressing to store high levels of oxygen for release to the wound through the permeable layer of the dressing.


OxyBand™ wound dressings are intended to provide a moist, oxygen rich environment to facilitate the normal wound healing process.

  • First and second degree burns
  • Abrasions
  • Skin tears
  • Blisters
  • Lacerations
  • Cleaned, closed surgical incisions
  • Skin graft donor sites
  • Stage I or II pressure ulcers
  • Pressure sores
  • Chafed skin
  • Skin continuously exposed to moisture
  • Diabetic and chronic skin ulcers
  • Eye diseases
  • Orthopedics
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Antimicrobial healing
  • Cosmetic procedures


OxyBand Wound Dressing™

  • Each dressing comes individually packaged in a sealed pouch
  • Sterile dressings
  • Two-year shelf life
  • Latex free
  • ISO and GMP manufacturing in the US
  • Compatible with other technologies and agents
  • Dressings can be customized to wound size

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