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OxyBand Technologies Inc. develops proprietary, patented, bio medical technologies that provide therapeutic gases such as oxygen and nitric oxide for traumatic & other acute wounds, diabetic & chronic skin ulcers, eye diseases, orthopedics, regenerative medicine, antimicrobial healing & cosmetic procedures, among other applications. OxyBand has a comprehensive patent portfolio of 68 patent matters, 12 patents granted and 5 patents allowed with more patents issuing in the near term. OxyBand has developed a pipeline of healing technologies as well as a first product in the market, a unique, FDA 510 k cleared medical device, OxyBand Wound DressingTM that provides oxygen to wounds for up to 5 days. OxyBand Wound Dressing™ has been shown in three clinical trials to heal wounds faster with less pain & inflammation & without any infection compared to standard of care and placebo.

Most recently, OxyBand Wound Dressing™ was tested by the United States Army Institute for Surgical Research in a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of OxyBand Wound Dressing compared to standard of care. According to the published results, OxyBand Wound Dressing™ significantly accelerated healing by at least 3 days (25%) & significantly reduced pain at the wound site for larger donor site wounds without any infection compared to the standard of care. (Journal of Burn Care & Research, Supplement, March 2013).

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is manufactured by Lighthouse for the Blind (LHB) and 3M and distributed by Lighthouse for the Blind (LHB), www.lhbindustries.com and McKesson, www.mckesson.com

OxyBand Wound Dressing™ has been shown to be safe and effective and received 510 k clearance from the FDA. OxyBand Wound Dressing™ is commercially available to order today. OxyBand Technologies is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and deploying the most effective wound and tissue healing technologies for the wounded warrior and patients everywhere.

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