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CLICK and watch the OxyBand transdermal oxygen delivery clip

This video about OxyBand provided by permission of Dr Jeffrey Niezgoda MD, FACHM, MAPWCA, CHWS and is published on WebCME, https://webcme.net.

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Sustained transdermal advanced reservoir oxygen therapy in a simple to use dressing.

Easy application allowing active lifestyle to proceed uninterrupted.


OxyBand Overview

The OxyBand
Transdermal Oxygen System


OxyBand is a
Novel Healing Technology


OxyBand Focus on Tissue Perfusion and Healing Diabetic Foot Ulcers


World Health Organization Infection Prevention and control

Effective infection prevention and control (IPC) is the cornerstone for the delivery of safe, effective, high-quality health care. WHO's IPC Global Unit developed recommendations identifying the core components of effective IPC programmes, to help countries and health care facilities develop action plans to prevent current and future threats. CLICK for story...



Johns Hopkins Patient Safety Pilot Program Slashes Colorectal Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) By 33 Percent. CLICK for story...


OxyBand and U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research

OxyBand wound care devices will be available in a number of sizes for your emergency care needs.OxyBand is the only wound dressing proven to deliver oxygen continuously from the dressing in a sterile environment for up to five days.

Two Randomized, Controlled and one Double Blind clinical trial have been conducted by preeminent military and civilian institutions and published in a peer reviewed journal.


OxyBand Wound Dressing™ our Premiere Medical Device Product.

The beginning of a long line of therapeutic gas medical deviceOxyBand Wound Care Device 7"x9" For Sale NOW products for Wound Care to Eye Care.


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Click and watch the video
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