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OxyBand Wound Dressing™ Proven Efficacy - Rigorously evaluated for efficacy including Randomized Controlled and Double Blind Trials.

The efficacy of OxyBand Wound Dressing has been rigorously evaluated in both Randomized Controlled Studies and a Double Blind Study, the Gold Standard. Clinical trials have shown OxyBand wound care devices will be available in a number of sizes for your emergency care needs.wounds treated with OxyBand Wound Dressing™ healed significantly faster with significantly less pain and inflammation and without infection.


OxyBand Wound Dressing™ our Premiere Medical Device Product.

The beginning of a long line of therapeutic gas medical deviceOxyBand Wound Care Device 7"x9" For Sale NOW products for Wound Care to Eye Care.



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Lighthouse for the Blind

Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis is a non-profit
entity that helps adults and children who are visually
impaired maintain dignity and independence by offering
Employment, Education and Support Services.

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